Thinking Out Loud Dos.


Obviously Thursdays were made for linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for Thinking Out Loud, right?

1. Reebok & Fitfluential’s Plank-A-Day challenge was meant for me. Alright, so maybe not solely FOR me, but it came at just the right time. All of January & February I did not finish one day without completing my self-imposed plank series (2 minute plank hold + 1 minute side plank each side) for a total of 4 minutes… Then March hit. Bad news. I don’t know exactly where I feel off, but I know the planks became more & more sporadic. Boo. The good news is, that this Challenge will hold me accountable & get me back into it right?

Here’s my Day 2 Plank-A-Day Challenge:

photo 3 (3)I held that thing for 2 full minutes. Hello there Obliques, it’s been awhile.

2. Everything happens for a reason. It’s important to always remember this & repeat it a few times daily. Just me this week? I know it will turn out for the best & what’s coming is probably better than what I can even imagine.

3. Thank goodness for wireless internet at the gym! I completely understand those who HATE seeing someone next to them, not paying attention to their cardio and watching T.V….. until that was me this morning- minus the not paying attention part. I call it multi-tasking. I’ve stepped my training up & was having a hard time pushing through my intervals. That’s when I turned on the Netflix & started watching 30 for 30. For those of you who don’t know- it’s films made by ESPN that features sports stories. About Teams. About Games. About Recruiters & Sports Agents. & they are basically amazing. I’ll save the one I watched for another post, but it involved a series of games & a teams struggle against all the odds to pull out the win. Seriously it gave me chills, and made my intervals entertaining. Sports have such a magical quality to them, for the participant and the viewers. 27 isn’t too old to jump back into the professional arena right? 😉 Until I make it there- I’ll keep considering training my sport.

4. I am the biggest bookworm there is (I know ONE person who may have me beat) & get super into reading about all sorts of things. I started reading Moneyball this week (& am already a few pages from the end). It has me developing a whole new view on the way I view things. There are always different ways to view a problem and it takes guts & creativity to break outside the mold, do what know one is doing, and take the initial criticism in stride to create something AMAZING. Accepting what everyone else says, and does, is playing it safe. I don’t want to play safe anymore. Greatness doesn’t come from following everyone else. It comes from asking questions and following your heart with a deep passion. When you do that, extraordinary things happen. Develop your something extraordinary.

What’s your favorite way to get through your cardio? A good playlist? Show? Zoning out?

Have you joined the plank challenge?





  1. Lovely post ! Very inspiring and couldn’t agree more–don’t play it safe, be passionate and extraordinary ! Great work and keep it up !

  2. Oh I love show zoning out! I don’t have an ipad or kindle or anything but my school has tvs attached the the treadmills so lately smallville has been my addition when I run! A also do intervals usually to get through them because changing it up every couple minutes makes it seem so much shorter!

  3. I’m pretty sure that books, magazines, and TV shows are the reason I’m able to get through some of those longer cardio sessions… especially when I’m stuck on the treadmill in the winter. I love to keep active and crave that movement, but let’s face it… you definitely start feeling like a hamster on a wheel after a while. Nothing quite like zoning out and realizing that 30 minutes went by in a flash.

  4. I have such a hard time with that kind of side plank. I think my hips are too tight or something! Getting through cardio outside of the gym is so much easier than at the gym for me. A playlist is definitely crucial, as is breaking things up with segments or intervals.

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