Life Revealed.

Don’t Back Down

So there I was reading about life.

& the mind. & the heart.

That’s when I stumbled upon this amazingly unusual gem of a personality test.

After reading the 8 questions and writing down my answers dutifully, I took a deep breath & read down the list to find my results…. Two things jumped off the screen & hit me directly between the ears & right in the center of my chest.

My basic strategy & life goal: Travel to it, climb the fence, a desire to experience it.

Attitude toward death: I want to stand in it with my arms in the air.

I developed Harness Your Energy on this concept itself,without truly knowing those words, or identifying so clearly with the clear message I wanted to portray & the feelings I want it to evoke in others.

My goal is clear in life & in this space. I’m going to travel this life, climb over the walls that we inevitably face & really experience each moment and what it has to offer me, so that when my last day comes, I can stand in it with my arms in the air and feel completely satisfied.

Take the personality test. Let me know your answers.

What are you thinking about this Thursday? share it. & link up with the amazing Amanda over at Running with Spoons to share. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Life Revealed.

  1. Hi Courtney, do you have a link for the personality test or am I just completely overlooking it? I’m interested in seeing what mine says! 🙂

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