Worth it.


Let me set the scene for you.

As I was walking out of the gym this morning, the cool, ocean, air blew across my sweaty ponytail, whipping it across my face. The early am sunrise made me stop to catch my breath. Breathe in. Beautiful. Breathe out. I’m so thankful.

Two woman brushed past me as I stopped to enjoy the morning.

“Welp, that was better than nothing.”

Their harried expression caught me off guard and then got me thinking- I don’t want to live ANY moments of my day like that.

No experience should be “better than nothing.” When I stand at the end of my life, I don’t want to shrug my shoulders & think “eh, will that life was better than having NO life.”

Life is meant to be experienced.

You’re meant to feel painful heartache so you’ll know love.

You’re meant to feel a little fear so you know courage.

You’re meant to suffer losses so you can appreciate what you DO have.

You’re meant to drip sweat to understand the true beauty of what your body can do for you.

I want to stand at the end of my life and think I put all I had in each and every moment. Some moments, I may have had more to give than others- and that’s ok. But in each moment I gave everything I had. Never do I want to think back and think I had a little left to give in any experience.

Bring on the painful heartache, the little voice of fear, and the sweaty, worth-it workouts.  I’m making each moment WORTH-IT.






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