Help me pursue my Bucket List.


Fitness has not only brought me the gift of self-acceptance but it has expanded my definition of “fitness” and “health” to include more than simply how much I can bench press or the amount of pull-ups I can complete (although those are motivational too!) Fitness has allowed me the energy to get out. Adventure. Make the most of each day.

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Adventure is where I have learned about myself. I’m aware of how much my physical body can do and how much more I am capable of mentally. The fact that my body is able to hike, bike, run etc makes me extremely grateful for the fitness and health I do have.

Adventure has brought more inspirational, motivational and intriguing characters into my life. Heros who enjoy each and everyday & want to explore it until there are no days left. Adventure has given me vorfreude- a word I just happened to pick up that means *the joyful anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures*.

I want to seek out adventures and the wanderers’ who want to seek it with me. I want to visit the places I’ve never thought I’d see. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself, make an impact in another persons’ life. Be a part of someone else’s story. Adventure is the best way to learn and I plan on doing a whole lot of learning!

In my quest to pursue more adventures, I stumbled across the Buried Life and their Epic Bucket List Contest via Contiki!

Visit http://www.epicbucketlist2014.com/?referrer=8bde1cbf2ab88330fc9b7551722249b7 and sign up for a chance to cross off some adventures from very own bucket list!

My #epicbucketlist obviously involves huge amounts of adventure and a heavy dose of “get-up, go and do.”

1. Ski the Alps in Austria.

2. Climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

3. Snowball fight on a glacier in New Zealand.

4. Hunt for Nessie on Lake Loch Ness.

5. Sail the Greek Islands on a private yacht.

6. Skinny dip in the Great Barrier Reef.

7. Play a full-18 holes of golf with Tiger Woods.

8. Tandem skydive in Queenstown, NZ.

9. Complete the Tim-Tam Challenge in Australia.

10. See Alaska via kayak.

11. Dogsled to the IceHotel in Sweden.

12. Visit the Temples and Pyramids in Tikal, Guatemala.

13. Ride a camel to a tented camp in the Sahara and watch the sun rise over the sand dunes.

14. Watch the wildebeest migrate along the Mara River in Kenya.

15. Go on tour, leading educational fitness seminars to at-risk schools to help motivate our nations youth and combat obesity.

16. Build clean water storage in Peru near the Andes Mountains to reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses.

17. Swim Devil’s pool in Africa.

18. Release a floating lantern in Thailand.

19. Stay in a glass igloo in Finland.

20. Finally, add a lock to the love-lock bridge in Paris.

Please visit this link to sign up and help me on my way to checking off some seriously epic bucket list adventures!

What does your bucket list include? How can you slowly begin to check them off? 



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