Cheers to the Active Friends.



The cold weather (in some places in the country..ahem) can be detrimental to your fitness goals. The thought of the cold weather kills any inspiration to hit the gym or head towards the hills when you have to stomp through 18 degree frigid air to a -12 degree car and scrap your windows in order to navigate that vehicle out of the driveway…but I digress.

Enter the significance of the active friend. We all know them, are annoyed by their continuous energy and stories of epic adventures, and secretly wish we could be them. Here’s the secret- we can be. They’re the ones we need to gravitate towards and be thankful for. Find them and hold on to them. Be grateful for them.  Learn from them. Join them on their adventures and you’ll find that your body will thank you. The sweat and workouts won’t feel like working out. Here’s to the active ones and may you stumble upon many of them on your wellness journey.

Who do you find inspiration from? What do you and your active friends do? Follow on Instagram & #harnessyourenergy ! 




  1. I find inspiration from my husband, who does sprint triathlons and I struggle to stay above water and go a mile on a bike (though running I can hold my own in). I love to go hiking and take different group exercise classes with friends!

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