A Booty Shaking Good Time.


Oh Mondays how I love you.

& I love you even more when I have the whole day off & get to do anything my little ♥ desires.  & yesterday, my little ♥ desired to work my buns off (literally) so I took these two cheeks to Barre Cda.

I’ve taken several “Barre” classes at several different studios in very different places and the end results are typically the same.. My booty burns. Walking into Barre CDA there were several women already there and the instructor politely introduced herself and helped me pull out the  torture devices equipment needed. With two rows of barres, there was plenty of room for the seven of us who took the class to spread out and move freely. I did notice that several of the women wore no socks-including the instructor- which was very different from other studios where the norm is “sticky” socks & are usually offered complimentary you’re first class.

Barre CDA is not a franchised studio- like Pure Barre or Xtend Barre. At these franchised studios, the class formats are strictly adhered to and move fluidly with the music, (which trust me is a key component in any group exercise format) and the instructors seem very comfortable with the class format and cueing. The instructor at Barre CDA seemed nervous and several times during the workout missed the beat and then would awkwardly apologize and either slow or stop the movements to “get back in with the music”. Hey, I certainly understand missing a cue or forgetting to change the side or move, but as an instructor I’ve learned to never apologize. Act like it didn’t happen. Move on and find a place to fluidly transition to the other side/leg/movement.. whatever. The apology took away from the movements and made me feel extremely awkward for her.

The music in the studio was great & had a sweat inducing beat- however I wish it could have been played louder. I love a workout where you get lost in the music.. but I’m definitely a music girl and her choices were awesome.

The workout itself was great & this morning I woke up feeling my cheeks! The class begun with transitional squats and lunges. From there she lead us through a “weights section” which kicked my booty! I may have been over zealous in reaching for the 3 pound weights, since 1/2 way through, I had to roll my shoulders out and hang my arms. The whole section was done WHILE holding first position- up on your tiptoes!!! I am more like a bull in a china shop than a ballerina so the sequence was WAY harder for me than other, more graceful, women taking the class. After the weights, we headed to the barre, where my legs didn’t quit shaking for the next 20 minutes. To finish out, we hit the mat and completed a small abs sequence and then stretched.

All in all, the workout was wonderful and couldn’t be beat for the $13 drop-in rate! I love the fact that I got to switch it up and work my body in different ways than I do by myself at the gym. I wish the instructor would have been a little more confident in her abilities & held back the apologies (1/2 the time I didn’t know we even missed the cue until the “I’m sorry”) I am already planning on trying out another class and kicking these buns into high gear! 🙂

Check out Barre CDA is you’re a local and let me know what you think! Have you taken any other Barre classes? Do you have a favorite?


&.. Just because it made my Tuesday, you’re welcome:




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