Goodbye Yoga Pants…

Before you freak out, (like I did when I gave a title to this post) I’m not giving up my daily outfits, or surrendering any of my Yoga Pants to the trash can. I do however have a problem….
A few days prior to Lent, I asked myself what items/habits/miscellaneous ideas am I placing too much importance on in my life? What items am I coveting that I should let go in order to allow myself to spend more time / energy/ money towards the betterment of others & the community around me? That’s when I noticed the ungodly (pardon the pun) amount of leggings I have amassed in the recent months…
Granted I wear yoga pants every day, and most days several pairs. A pair for my morning workouts, a pair for dressing up for work, a pair for my afternoon yoga, cycle, barre class & one for (I hate to admit) SLEEP!
I counted them up, 18 pairs of LuLulemon (obviously my all-time favorite) 7 Nike, 3 Beyond Yoga, 1 Bia Brazil, 1 Alo, 1 Underarmor, 1 Prana, 1 American apparel, 1 Caelum, 1 BP (Nordstrom Brand) & 1 Zella.

That’s 36 pairs in case you’re counting…
So here’s my thought… Each pair is somewhere between $36 – $98,(love you lulu) and at 36 different pairs that’s roughly $2,000 in leggings!
For lent, I am giving up purchasing anymore leggings, yoga pants etc and looking towards taking the money I save and spending it on the betterment of other individuals, communities and causes. Below sums up my reasoning for “going without” over the next 40 days:
“No act of virtue can be great if it is not followed by advantage for others. So, no matter how much time you spend fasting, no matter how much you sleep on a hard floor and eat ashes and sigh continually, (or deny yourself the luxury of a new pair of LuLus) if you do no good to others, you do nothing great.”- John Chrysostom.
I’m taking the money I’d spend today on a new pair of leggings & donating it to my good friend Melanie at Friends of the Children for a local bowl-Athlon. Her organization is ahhh-mazing & you can check it out here.
Over the next several weeks, I’m wearing each & every pair of yoga pants I own then….. You guessed it, donating five pairs!
So goodbye Yoga Pants, you’re clearly an extravagance that many are not able to afford and have been hoarded by me in excess. I’m taking the money I would selfishly spend on you, and spending it (and my time) on causes that aid my community and fellow brothers and sisters.
What are some causes that you’re involved with? Does anyone know of great causes in the Portland, OR area to get involved with? Do you have heart-warming stories of how you’ve helped others & become less selfish?


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Yoga Pants…

  1. Great post Courtney! Love this idea and might have to think about it myself 🙂 I don’t have nearly as many as you but it’s a great idea!!!

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