Goodbye Yoga Pants, Hello Fresh Outlook.

So remember how I explained I was saying “Goodbye to Yoga Pants“. Well, here’s how I’m feeling one week later… Grateful (with a tinge of yearning).


Yesterday, instead of purchasing the great pair of cropped tribal print leggings I truly wanted, I went home & started writing the 10 cards I purchased, sending them to friends I hadn’t caught up with, people who’ve helped me through tough times and people whose company I really enjoy- thanking them for being them. Writing these cards made my heart swell with gratefulness- I’m so lucky to have some really great people in my life. It’s funny what sitting down and writing out hand-written cards can do. Plus, who doesn’t LOVE getting old-school snail mail?!

It seems pretty silly. The fact that when I see or have the urge to snag that great workout swag, and instead immediately replace that urge with the thought, “what can I do or give to someone else?” seems like the silliness may be working. So far donating to a GREAT cause & person I believe in & sending some love through the mail have been some pretty awesome side-effects of “going-without.”

What are some other fun ways to spread love towards others?


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