Feelings are no longer *f-words.


My soul is bursting with happiness as I realize that the face smiling back at me in this picture is me. The girl with the cute top-knot, favorite sea-foam leggings & adorable stripes dancing around her apartment is actually me! ( I refuse to use ” #onfleek ” even though that may be an acceptable way to truly describe this picture, but I digress..)

The contentment I’ve been feeling has come from several life-changing events / revelations, but the biggest source of revelation has been the time spent reading and working through the fabulous book by Danielle LaPorte- Desire Map.

“Goals with Soul will energize you, and when you’re on track moving towards such goals, life will keep throwing synchronicities your way.” And so it has. Since I put together my list of the “desired feelings” that I truly at the core of me desire each day, the “goals” I’ve been pushing so hard to achieve have simply been falling into place without all the anguish. Crazy right?! Here’s the list of 8 desired feelings that have changed my soul’s tune:

1. Unstoppable

2. Loved

3. Grateful

4. Smart

5. Lit-up

6. Productive

7. Nature-connectedness (Biophilia)

8. As close to the edge without going over

In all the the things I’ve been doing the last several weeks, I’ve made sure they aligned with my desired feelings and you know what? This is the happiest and healthiest I’ve felt in months. I’ve tried new classes in my new neighborhood to really feel lit-up. I’ve spent hours hiking enjoying the sun on my face & the energy coursing through the trees. I’ve scheduled mountains of meetings and tasks to prove to myself how truly unstoppable and productive I can be. I’ve sent out cards to friends letting them know how grateful they make me feel to have them in my life. I’ve taken a step back to really enjoy someone for who they are & not what I want the relationship to be and gotten mass amounts of love back in return. These feelings have made me feel that rush- you know, the one where you are standing right on the edge but aren’t headed over. In front of you there is just a huge mass of possibility & you can’t help but feel the tug. And it feels better than you could have ever imagined.

Have you read or gone through Danielle LaPortes Desire Map workbook? What feelings do you live your life by? 


4 thoughts on “Feelings are no longer *f-words.

  1. I am on a similar streak from Jan.
    I feel like I am on drugs (though I am not). I feel limitless and like lucy I feel elevated to certain extent. It is like some unknown force is triggered inside me.

    Currently I am living by a simple rule.
    Take tasks day be day. Take things one at a time and increasing my hit rate. Eat well and be happy about what I am doing. It feels good.

    Nice to see your words. Keep posting. Cheers!

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