Day 2 #feelingit: Vorfreude



(a): the joyful, intense anticipation that comes with imagining future pleasures.

Could this word BE any more perfect?! Thanks to the 31 day #feelingit challenge, I’ve found the perfect word to describe exactly how I feel. (Remember tag your pictures of how you are #feelingit this March & follow me on Insta (Bourtney11) Today, Vorfreude explains the way I feel about facing my workout. About heading to work. About standing in the sun. About savoring the sweet potato fries & steak I’ll devour this evening. About seeing my **favorite person next week. About the opportunities that are heading towards me this month. About the big career I’m beginning.

These feeling has such immensity that it doesn’t just belong to my workout this next hour, or today, or this month. But rather a whole slough of weeks and months strung together that create who I am on the journey I’m on. Imagine feeling a joyful intense anticipation constantly! That’s what I’m striving towards & Day 2 was a good way to begin living life that way.

“Focus on creating your core desired feelings and as you begin to generate better feelings & experiences, you will feel increasingly worthy of the richness of life.”- Danielle LaPorte – The Desire Map. 

How do you generate better feelings & experiences in your day to day routine? Share. I’m searching for new ways to enjoy life & #feelingit. 


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