I’m Just Being Honest.

Day 7: #FeelingIt.



I say ya’ll. I am not from the South but wish I was. I struggle with loving some people so much it breaks my heart. I can eat a whole bag of Costco trail mix in a day. I wish people would quit trying to make #onfleek happen- it’s never going to happen. (If you got that reference we are obviously already bffs) I heart camo anything, & wish more people could see me in it… 🙂 I don’t hate Mondays. In fact a good, productive Monday can turn my whole week around. I have a fake sister. Not by blood but by choice. I lie about my feelings. Most often to myself….

I’ve found with my health, being honest about how I feel has been the biggest tool in creating a happy, healthy body (physically & mentally) Here’s 7 things to ask yourself that I believe if you’re honest with yourself, can change your body.

1. How does my body feel? If you are feeling tired, lethargic, “plugged up”, unconfident, and weak, you need a change. Each day you should feel strong and proud in your body and you should not shrink away from really living everyday because of how you feel about your body. Are we all different shapes & sizes? Yes. Is each body beautiful? Yes. Especially when it’s functioning to the best of its ability.

2. Are my excuses real? Whenever you are saying to yourself, “I can’t workout because I…”  Or ” I can’t eat as healthy as I want to because..” Examine the real reason. Then take the negative version out. As soon as I realized, I had the time (I just has to prioritize better) and I wasn’t truly too tired, I began making huge strides in my goals.

3. Do i speak to yourself like i would a friend? Would you ever say to your best friend, you look fat? You’re so lazy? You don’t deserve that promotion, boyfriend, etc? NO. So stop saying those things to yourself. When I started really focusing on staying positive in my self-talk (while remaining truthful) my whole body shifted. I was no longer too embarrassed to go to the gym. I was no longer tired from fighting all the self-doubt created in my mind. Speak nice.

4. How do I feel about my body? The most powerful thing I did for myself was step out of the shower one day, look at myself in the mirror (completely naked) and without judgement really looked at myself. I admired the strength my shoulders had. I noticed how blue my eyes were. Take a look at yourself in a mirror with no clothes, no make up and remaining honest, notice one beautiful thing and say it out loud.

5. Do I self-sabotage my efforts? Are you working out hard at the gym only to come home & eat several pieces of the brownies sitting on the counter? Are you inactive all day, then hit the gym for 20 half-assed minutes? Do you sit in front of the tv & devour a whole box of cheese-its without really noticing? Be mindful about the day and your habits as a whole. View these habits honestly and determine how you can make a change.

6. Am I  finding motivation or self-criticism while surfing social media? Stop comparing yourself to others. When I was at my unhealthiest, I would surf social media sites constantly comparing myself to others and would finally unplug out of pure discouragement. The negative voice would rear her ugly head- “you’ll never look like that.” I took a well needed sabbatical from social media for a whole year. I focused on myself & what I needed to do to be both physically and mentally healthy. I was one of those people who was completely off the grid & it was exactly what I needed. Now I follow people with positive messages and healthy lifestyles. I watch their videos or scroll through their feeds to get ideas on how I can be healthier, not how I compare.

7. Is what I’m doing fun? Are you taking a cross-fit class but dread going each night? Do you gag down your green juice? Stop it. You should be enjoying making your body healthier. Quit forcing the latest trends down your own throat. What works great for your best friend may not work for you. I love trying different group exercises & if I hate the class, I don’t go back. I find something different. I get such a thrill from trail running, I don’t feel like I’m working out. That’s how it should be. Trial and error. Once you find something you love, you won’t have to struggle. Struggle is different than making yourself go when you just don’t feel like it. I fight that lazy urge because I know how much better my body will feel after I do something great for it. Struggle is the real aversion to doing something because you think you should. Make it fun. Make it about doing something you love & moving your body.

Ask yourself these 7 questions while remaining brutally honest with yourself and see how the answers can change your body and mind.

What questions have you asked yourself and been surprised by your honest answer? What have you found that makes you happiest while creating a healthier you physically?


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