Friday Quickie: A Girl and her Dolly.

Day 20: #feelingit


We are faced with so many obstacles each day on the path to getting what we want or doing what we want. There’s always two ways to view things- positively or negatively.

The way I see it,  ” I just really don’t see what the problem is.”

As I grabbed five mintues to myself in between shipments, moving furniture, setting up a security system and creating a Craigslist job posting, I found myself annoyed that I didn’t have my usual time to workout. My body wanted to move. I couldn’t run to the gym or leave the new space, so I had to get creative / problem solve. My poor attitude was not helping anyone and certainly not productive. I scanned the office.

A dolly. I could use that in place of an ab wheel. It moves. Perfect, I could use it for some abdominal pikes! I threw together the perfect five mintue core workout to a) change my attitude b) give my core a workout and  c) sweat a little.

Plus how can you not be happy when you throw a little PYT on it.

How do you get creative in your workouts? Does throwing in a quick sweat session turn your mood around? 


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