Turn Criticism Into Motivation.

Let me introduce you to two of my very favorite people and the two people who made the above happen…


They go by the name Team Krush (Krypto & Khaos) – I promise I am not making this up. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss these two and seeing their pretty faces each day. These are the two people who changed my life in a lot of ways, but more importantly proved to me that I could push myself way further in life… And do seven pull ups in a row!

I still remember the day like yesterday, goofing off in between clients in the gym when Khaos turned to me:

“Do a pull up Court.”

Krypto: “No chance she can do one.”

Me: ” oh I totally can”

I jumped up to the bar…. And could not do a single one.

I was told I was unfit for Team Krush.. No one tells me I can’t do something. This comment single-handedly changed the way I viewed my workouts and what I could or couldn’t do. d”Great people construct monuments with the stones their critics throw at them, you know.” – Robin Sharma.

I practiced pull-ups daily with assistance. I added exercises to my workouts that would help the muscles recruited for pull-ups. I practiced and practiced and practiced. I headed back into the gym a few weeks later:

Me: “watch this.”

I performed two flawless pull ups.

Krypto: ” Team Krush can do five in a row..”

And so it continued.

I continued to practice and they continued to push.

Too many people let negative comments or criticism hurt their feelings. Don’t.  Don’t let another individual carve your future. You are in charge.

Use it to drive you. Use it to make you better.

I appreciate these two men for pushing me and for finally making me an honorary Team Krush member. Anything is possible.

Has criticism held you back from becoming the person you want to be? Or has it helped you and pushed you towards your dreams?


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