Quiet Moments.


This morning, between my 5:30 am six mile run and the turn of my key in the door of my shop, I found several quiet moments strung together that plastered one of those cheesy grins all over this face of mine.

It started with the drive to my store. I jumped in the old jeep to head in for the day, and the music began blaring. Ok, I know I’m not THAT old, but something about the loud music made me immediately feel like this…

Loud Noises

Turning it off with intense purpose, I began to notice things around me.

The fog! I absolutely love fog. Spending a year in the bay area for work, left me with a special spot in my heart for the fog (Especially Karl ) and like any true Oregonian, the foggy, rainy 62 degree days warm my soul. Ahhh. the Pacific Northwest gets me.

In the now quiet drive to work, I heard the water on the roads swish as cars drove with wreck-less abandon toward who-knows-where. Who knew you could heart that sound. You know the one I’m talking about right?

Then I began noticing people. And dogs. And the fog over the mountain ridge in front of me. And the way all the lights shifted magically to green as I listened to the rain’s music. And that’s when I just felt it. A deep down, full-body, happiness that started right at my big toe and overflowed out the top of my head. A voice within, that just nudged “today is beautiful.”.

I hope you feel the Quiet Moments today.


Quiet Moments


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