The Daily Process.

Daily Process

The other evening, I left my business feeling utterly defeated. Have you ever had one of those evenings- where you question if what you’re doing is correct? I have very extremely high expectations and standards of how I believe things should be and when the result isn’t exactly as I picture it, I freak out. The only thing that kept me from diving off the deep end and conceding defeat (before I even entered the ring), I was gifted the 21 most transforming, inspirational, and motivational words that made my careening career ending spin-out come to a screeching halt.

“Trust the Process.

If you have a defined, daily process, the results will fall into place as a seemingly unimportant side-effect.” 

My boyfriend (who lives & breathes baseball) came up with the best sports analogy ever to steer me out of my “results aren’t what I want” crash and set me safely back on the road. (This man was seriously born to be a coach).

“It’s like each of the guys out on the field. They don’t step into the batter’s box thinking I’m going to go 4-4 today, or even I’m going to send this one over centerfield. Instead they “set the table”. They think about what the team needs at each moment in the game. The elite level athletes know that the result will come because they’ve done everything they can each and everyday to be great. There is no extreme swing in emotions (good or bad) because they have complete confidence that they have trusted the process, a daily checklist, that will bring about the desired results. 

It’s how they practice. Do they show up each day? Are they envisioning each swing as a game time situation? Have they performed the correct exercises needed to prepare them physically? Do they show-up to practice with no outside distractions?

It’s how they head to the field. What does their routine look like once they arrive at the field? How do they put on their uniform? How are they’re warm-ups performed? Do they get into the right mental state pre-game? 

Each of these seemingly  unimportant practices effect the end of result of the game.They’re little things!” 

How you set yourself up each day is what determines your success. Do you have a daily process list? Have you outlined a list of things, that if you did each day, would lead to inevitable success?  You’re only as good as the processes you’ve practiced on a daily, consistent basis.

Although my boyfriend’s pep talk was in regards to my business (and probably worded a lot more eloquently…he could also step in as an incredible public speaker), I put together 10 items that I do on a daily basis to reach the results I want in my personal life.

My Personal Daily Process (How I make sure my personal life and the Big Picture of my life have my desired result)

  1. I wake up early. For me, early mornings are my favorite time of day, and I find I am able to accomplish more in those first hours of a day, than most can in several days. My focus and inspiration is best between 5:00 am and 8:00 am.
  2. I think of someone, it can be anyone, and send them some sort of text, phone call, old-school snail mail handwritten note, or small gift that reminds me of them. I have great friends and family and it’s important to me they know how grateful I am to each and everyone of them for their existence.
  3. I have a morning ritual. Turn off my alarm. Turn on coffeepot. Put on workout clothes. Brush teeth. Sip coffee and eat my bowl of oatmeal while I read my daily inspiration from Robin Sharma. Head to the gym.
  4. I spend at least 20 minutes at the gym EVERY morning. No excuses.
  5. I plan an adventure. My mornings are spent researching a cool spot to visit. I ask people I run into about their favorite place to explore. I follow adventure and travel blogs. In my free time, I’m constantly on the lookout for a fun trip, a brand new experience or something “I just HAVE to see/do!”
  6. I pack my lunch. And by this I mean I actually plan my meals. Since I hit Costco once a week, I have all my staples on hand for the workweek. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t worry about what I’m going to eat because I know what I have. Serious stress reliever!
  7. I engage. I love listening to people. Truly listening. I’ve never had a conversation with anyone that hasn’t directly impacted my own world. I think of each person as a character in my story, and I find most cross my path for a reason.
  8. When I’m at work..I work…. and I have a whole set of “professional daily processes”.
  9. I pack gym clothes with me daily and head to the gym directly after work. Again, no excuses. I get another 20 minutes (at least) in at the gym. This 20 minutes is vital for me to transition from work mode to home mode. I sweat it out and then head home with a clear head.
  10. I spend 1/2 an hour before I close my eyes reading. I am the biggest closet book worm! I love sci-fi thrillers, non-fiction epic adventure series’, motivational and personal growth books. Seriously, each book has added something to the way I lead my life (or the way I think about leading it).

By doing these small things, daily, there’s no way I won’t see my desired end result; at the end of my life, others describe me as “a lover of life, an exceptional human, a woman who showed immense love and the weirdo who dared to enjoy every single moment.”

What is your “desired result” for your personal life? How many items are on your “daily process” list? Which items on the list ensure that your desired result has no option but to come to fruition?



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