LP 2016: Climb Your Mountain.



Start before you are ready.

If that little inner voice inside you keeps directing you towards a goal, listen. Don’t start calculating or debating. Don’t let the doubt, fear, or anxiety creep in. Forget the details. Forget all the reasons why you can’t. Just act.

Too often we feel that fire in our bellies, pulling us toward something that excites & often terrifies us. The thought of doing it, saying it, achieving it, reaching it, living it,  and creating it seems like such a big, un-achievable climb that we sit at the bottom of our “mountain” staring at the top. We worry about our pack. We worry about what has to go in it to make the climb. We worry about our shoes. We worry about wether our bodies will be able to take us there. We worry what it will be like to climb alone, will we feel lonely? We worry about the elevation. We worry about the weather.  We sit at the bottom of our mountain, analyzing all the small details that we think need to happen before we can climb that we do just that.. sit. We sit there and do nothing, trying to quiet the voice inside that keeps whispering “but it’d be so fun.”

The perfect circumstances don’t appear. We create them. But in order to create them we have to act. Give that voice assurance. “Yes-I hear you. I’m creating the circumstances to get me there. ”

Think about what that little voice keeps pointing to. When you hear your voice pipe up, act. That thing you want to do, achieve, create may have been created before. So what. Here’s the beautiful thing about life. We are all different, living different experiences and I can bet you that two people have never achieved something the same way. They’ve forged their own path and created or achieved their own goal in a completely unique fashion. They didn’t begin with the “big stuff”, they didn’t plan out the “details”.

They set one foot in front of another and headed up the mountain. They listened to the pull of the voice inside and took one step here. Which somehow got them to a bridge they didn’t see before. Which someone lead them to a set of stairs that cut through the mountainside. They met someone who held their hand and pulled them up a cliff. Once over the cliff they found an elevator, that took them up 100 stories. The adventure began the moment they just decided to start. They would have never been able to predict how things would fall into place once they started. But the funny thing is, they fell into place. Things began happening to aid them on their journey, when they just listened to that little pull and just decided that somehow, no matter what happened or what they had to do, they would get to the top of that mountain.

Whatever that voice is telling you. Listen. Put one foot in the front of the other and start, no matter how tiny you think that first step is. 



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