LP 2016: Radiate Joy.

Someone told me something recently and since then I have heard the concept repeating itself in my life. Jeff Bridges summed it up perfectly in Oprah’s Master Class series.

I was at work, talking away to a customer, when she suddenly stopped me to ask “Are you Courtney?” She happened to live in another state and be neighbors with one of my very favorite human beings. “I knew as soon as you started speaking you must be Courtney, you’ve got that something she was talking about. You draw people in.”

Later that same week, again at my store, a woman & I were talking and I had recognized her from the spin studio I had just auditioned at.  I was chatting away about how excited I was to teach spin again when she gave me the best compliment I think I’ve ever received. “You’re got that spark- you fill a room.”

Have you ever met “that” kind of person. The person who is irresistible? You find yourself drawn to them. Everything they do, is genuine. You feel it. When you’re around this person, you begin to feel it too. They simply pass on their joy to you. Conversations and interactions with this person just make you happy. You find yourself as excited as they are about whatever it is they’re talking about. That’s someone who radiates joy.

Now I’m not trying to toot my own horn. I recognize where these comments have come from- my joy for what I’m doing and genuine interest in others. There’s a joy in owning my own business that I haven’t felt before. I feel it when speaking with customers. I feel it when on buying trips. I feel it in the item’s that have a story and a purpose.

I find JOY in what I’m doing each and every day. When you genuinely take joy into whatever it is your doing, the effect is instantaneous. People are drawn to you, because they want to feel your joy. They feel it radiating from you and want to share.

Find what honestly makes your soul light up. Think about what it is that you’re doing when someone stops you to tell you how much they “appreciate what you’re doing”, or exclaim that “you’ve got such a spark” and then do more of it.  It’s in these things that we radiate more joy and let others wallow in it with us.

Radiate joy. 





One thought on “LP 2016: Radiate Joy.

  1. Love you Courtney! This will be my mantra for the week 🙂 I completely agree that you have that spark! You draw people in for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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