LP 2016 : Rise with the sun & train.

LP Move

It’s impossible for me to discuss the things I’ve learned in 2015, that I’m taking with me into 2016 without mentioning the one single thing I do each day without fail.

Every day I  rise with the sun & train (or simply move my body in some physical way).

Starting the morning with a sweaty gym session has become my anchor. As I roll out of bed, I find my feet under me and I’m thankful. This body, that I get to wake up in each morning feels good. It’s strong. It’s powerful. It gets me where I need to go each day. It is free of illness.

I stretch as I wake up. I reach my arms and legs long in opposite directions & am grateful. I wiggle my toes and fingers & am grateful. I feel my stomach contract and expand with each breathe & am truly grateful.

Sweat does a body good. Before I have a chance to let the “to-do list” of the day fill my mind, I head out the door. I run outdoors. I lift weights. I head to high-energy cycle classes. I hit the stairs. I find breathe in down-dog. To be honest, it doesn’t matter what I do.  Moving is what gives my brain (& body) clarity each day.

To wake up early is a blessing. It’s a quiet time before anyone else is awake to have to yourself. To sweat early. Sweat before the day begins and the rest of the day falls into place. You don’t have to plan how to squeeze in a workout, when it’s already been done. I find my day flows after workouts, because my body is already flowing.

Next year, if I can remember one thing, it is to show up for myself each day early in the morning and sweat.



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