LP 2016: Embrace the Suck.

embrace the suck.jpg

I hate the old adage, “sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.” It’s such a cliche. People mutter it under their breath to you in sympathy, when they don’t quite know what to say. They mutter it because yes, sometimes life sucks, and a thread of hope seeps out of these words.

I also hate the old adage, because despite the cliche, it’s 110% true.

There’s been plenty of times in 2015 when I learned this lesson. One of these times happened to be just the other day:

Despite running my business (which I LOVE) a part of me aches for the happiness that coursed through me as I taught group exercise classes. The aching part sought out a local spin studio and began taking classes in order to audition for an instructor’s position.

I got an audition.

I nailed the audition. However, they were looking for very specific availability and needed an instructor at a studio that wasn’t near my neighborhood. BUMMER.

I was bummed. A part of me felt rejected. Rejection is hard not to take personally. I was more bummed because it was something I truly wanted. A community I thought I wanted to be a part of. I envisioned teaching there & heading to my store after. The perfect scenario.  Not getting what I envisioned SUCKED.

I couldn’t dwell in the rejection. & that cliche adage kept creeping into my head. So I got over it. I sought out another studio. I found one closer to my house. I found more energy in this studio’s classes. I found more community. I found greater beats and a genuine love for the classes in the instructors.

A few rides in, I took an awesome class from a kick-ass instructor and stopped to talk to her afterwards. Her classes rocked me. I let her know. It was her genuine aura that struck me & I explained how much I enjoyed seeing someone living out their passion.

She stopped me. She thanked me for moving to the bike front and center and complimented my riding. She happened to be the owner. Immediately she offered up instructor training for me. She gave me a hug.

And just like that, I walked out of a studio with a potential instructor gig. I connected with a sincere, awesome, woman and found a community greater than what I had thought I wanted. Not even a whole week later.

If I had gotten the other instructor position, I never would have found the other studio. I never would have met some awe-inspiring girls and I never would have got an opportunity to be a part of a definitely rad community that speaks right to my soul.

So embrace the suck. For as much as it sucks, there’s something even better  out there for you. Something that will really call you and you’ll discover it after a lot of rejection. You’ll be better for it and reap far more than what you envisioned for yourself. So celebrate in the suck because as good as you thought that opportunity may be, there’s something even better.





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