All We Need.


Now that the Valentine’s Day spit up has ended across all social media channels, I’d like to bring it up again-in a non-cheesy, real-life conversation. After yesterday, I realized how un-important a single day dedicated to making someone prove their love to you, or you to them truly is. As I’ve navigated through life in both relationships and solo, I’ve found there’s a lot to be said about loving yourself and exploring what and who you love in life first.

Here’s what I discovered- when I started exploring what I loved in my life first, my life instantly began reflecting and giving me more of those things. I began asking “What do I really love in my life?” ” Who do I love?” ” What about these people makes me feel loving or loved? ”

I began feeling more of these feelings as I asked myself these questions about specific people and places. For example, I found more love and peace for my body as I began hiking and trail running more outdoors. I let myself truly love being in nature and appreciating this body I’ve been given to be able to see it. I began finding more opportunities to be outdoors and soak it all in. I began to find more moments when I stood in awe of how beautiful Mother Nature could be, and my heart felt connected.

I began feeling more love for my friends and truly appreciating each one for what they add to my life. My friend Miles, who has the ability to be completely true to himself, who without complaints can go through situations that would drive me completely crazy or shake my world and he still asks how I’m doing first in conversations…

I appreciate my friend Caprice, who I call to talk about everything with. She never judges me and I always leave those conversations feeling light and smiling. In the last few months our chats have become longer and found more depth. The depth followed me into conversations with others and I find myself pulling peace from our talks.

In appreciating the love I have for these people, life reflected even more love back to me with the one person who makes me the absolute best version of myself. When I quit searching for the love I wanted, but instead found gratefulness for the love I already had, the person who reflected that love showed right up. It’s incredible to feel so completely loved each day.  I wish that for everyone.

So, no I don’t need one day for someone to prove their love to me, because I receive so much love each and everyday. And this year was the first year I felt no lack or longing because all I have is all I need.

I wish that for everyone. For me it started with three questions:

“What do I really love in my life?”

” Who do I love?”

” What about these people makes me feel loving or loved? ”

I hope you find it, because that deep love is all we really need.



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