A Simple Detox With Three Ingredients.

A simple detox that gives your insides a hug with three ingredients.

Recently I thought I’d take a crack at one of the trendy DIY “simple detoxes” I saw floating around the pretty images on Pinterest. The alluring bright green juices adorned with celery stalks seemed like a refreshing way to detox my insides and combat the digestion issues I was experiencing on a recurring basis. What I didn’t factor in was the actuality that I earnestly loathed juicing. What those pretty inspos on Pinterest didn’t show was the cutting, the peeling, the juicing, and the dreaded cleanup.

I started that trendy DIY detox off the first day with the best intentions. Peeling the lemons, coring the apples, and hatcheting off a piece of ginger. I sliced each ingredient just right, making sure it could fit down the poorly constructed tube that led the fruits & veggies to their fluid metamorphosis. The tube is designed so that I had to separate each lemon slice (no wedges!). Then, I had to check to make sure it was clear. Finally, I could proceed with the other 5 cups of produce. TIME CONSUMING.

Prior to tasting the fruits of my labor (pardon the pun), I was compelled to clean out all the pulp from the machinery. It got everywhere. There’s no simple RINSE and REPEAT.  Painstakingly, I took apart the machine. With little experience as a mechanic, it took about fifteen minutes. Once I had taken apart, cleaned, and put back together this fruit and veggie torture device, I sat down to enjoy my now lukewarm juice. YUM.

The second day, I split ½ of the liquid gold all over the counter. I was trying to simultaneously jam the spinach into the juicer and jostle it just right so it didn’t clog. All the while pouring the liquid into a larger container because the spout couldn’t fit a full-size cup.

The third day, I gave up. I spent the better quarter of an afternoon cleaning the pulp out of every orifice of the apparatuses (apparati?) and damning the juicer as the bane of my existence.

While I knew that the medley of bright colored fruits and leafy green goodness made me feel like a million bucks, I now understood why people pay a million bucks to have their cold pressed juices delivered in bright, shiny glass bottles bi-weekly.

Bottle service being out of the question, I knew there had to be another way to reap the benefits my system was desperately begging for.

Enter the blender.

In my mindless Instagram scrolling, I came across the end to my blender woes. One account I follow, @laurajulaine, posted a digestion protocol that she follows to reduce bloat, fatigue and combat gut problems each morning. She simply cut up celery. Then placed it in the blender. Strained it through a nut-milk bag and drank it each morning. SO UNCOMPLICATED.

Adapting this celery water to fit into my detox routine has taken away the annoying process. Now I’m left with more time to sip and enjoy without worrying about cleanup.

With my Ninja blender and nut-bag in hand, I simply toss in three (!) ingredients and enjoy a fresh glass of pure goodness in under three minutes.

Drinking this juice at least once a day over the last two weeks has made tremendous changes in how my stomach feels. Feeling as though I’ll bust a button is so two weeks ago. Now, things move. My gut doesn’t feel tied up anymore, which is a big deal!

The benefits:

Lemon:  helps cleanse the stomach and treat indigestion and constipation.

Celery: lowers inflammation, protects liver health, boosts digestion, and reduces bloating

Parsley: acts as a natural diuretic and helps relieve bloating

There’s a whole new world of energy on the other side of a constant pain in the gut! More energy. Less irritability. If that doesn’t make you want to toss these in a blender right now it also has the added benefit of gifting me clearer skin! Go ahead. Try it.

Do well. Be well.


See more on the benefits of these 3 miracle detox ingredients at these resources:




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