By day, my profession used to be tied up in the world of corporate wellness. I worked for a company that ran corporate wellness sites for multi-million dollar companies nation-wide. So what does that mean you ask? I ran a fitness facility for a BioTech company in San Diego, California. Engaging employees to get out from behind their desks, strip off their lab coats and MOVE was my main mission- alongside a few other responsibilities <i’ll spare you the details> .

Last year, I left California and decided to move closer to “home” and live out my days adventuring the Pacific Northwest. If I’m not on the trails, you can find me outside of Portland, running my own business- MIXITUP. Breaking out of the health industry, and into retail has been a crazy change, but one that has left my heart full. It all started with a great big shift in the way I viewed myself and how I would spend each day.

My real journey began after college when I took a good hard look in the mirror,re-evaluated what was important, what made me happy and how I could wake up each morning with satisfaction rather than stumble out of bed dreading the next twelve hours.  I was unhappy in my own skin, which manifested into unhappiness of all areas of my life.

HYE Railroad

Exercise stirred up feelings. It brought forward the thoughts that I could do more. I could be more. Feelings that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Feelings that I had way more energy than I could have ever imagined and I could harness that energy to create positivity in each and every moment.  I want to live life with those feelings that get so big in my chest, like something is so beautiful it aches. Because that’s how life should be lived. 

I created Harness Your Energy as a way to share my love for Nikes on my feet, sweat on my brow, coffee in my hand and contentment in my heart. A way to share my true soul, and help others find theirs- because when you embody soul, you’re irresistible. I want people to find their center. Be strong and peaceful; assured and graceful; aligned and free. There’s nothing more captivating than a person on their path.




  1. Just found your blog! Love it!! I used to work in corporate wellness on the nursing side:) before I got into school nursing–which I love now! I get to help kiddos learn about health and wellness now–AND enjoy my summers off! Love your blog and IG–very inspirational!
    You can read about my weight loss journey on my blog too!

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