Year of the Bourtney.

2016 has cracked my heart open in a tragically, magical way. I’m convinced the universe works in oxymorons. I’ve felt heartache that has shattered my heart, but found that if I bury that sadness under my skin instead of letting … Continue reading Year of the Bourtney.

LP 2016 : Rise with the sun & train.

It’s impossible for me to discuss the things I’ve learned in 2015, that I’m taking with me into 2016 without mentioning the one single thing I do each day without fail. Every day I  rise with the sun & train … Continue reading LP 2016 : Rise with the sun & train.

One Big Adventure.

“Life is either one daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Peter Pan  The “safe-child”. I grew up under the pretense and own personal assumption that I was the “safe-child”.  The world was a dangerous place. And feeling all alone in the world would send me into full-blown panic attacks. Then suddenly a HUGE shift happened. I cannot tell you the exact time or location this perspective change happened, but I do know that I woke up and was no longer scared. I felt a greater sense of connection with nature, other individuals’ and the universe. A deep sense of … Continue reading One Big Adventure.

The Jump Off.

Sunday I took a leap, that completely changed my world. On a work trip to the Las Vegas Market a few months ago, I found myself high atop the Stratosphere hotel, hanging over the edge, swinging around in circles over the 10 pm nightlights of Vegas. Instead of screaming, or crying, or backing out of the ride the last second, like several poor individuals before me, I found myself flooded with an entirely different emotion. I wanted to jump. I wanted to jump out of my seat and fly over all of the city lights. The seat was too tight. … Continue reading The Jump Off.

Turn Criticism Into Motivation.

Let me introduce you to two of my very favorite people and the two people who made the above happen… They go by the name Team Krush (Krypto & Khaos) – I promise I am not making this up. There’s … Continue reading Turn Criticism Into Motivation.

Cheers to the Active Friends.

  The cold weather (in some places in the country..ahem) can be detrimental to your fitness goals. The thought of the cold weather kills any inspiration to hit the gym or head towards the hills when you have to stomp through 18 degree frigid air to a -12 degree car and scrap your windows in order to navigate that vehicle out of the driveway…but I digress. Enter the significance of the active friend. We all know them, are annoyed by their continuous energy and stories of epic adventures, and secretly wish we could be them. Here’s the secret- we can … Continue reading Cheers to the Active Friends.