New Beginnings…

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings but If I have learned anything this year it’s that as one door closes another door opens. As I close the door to this business I have put my blood, sweat and tears into, I step through to a new chapter. The journey  1,100 sq ft. has … Continue reading New Beginnings…

#Girlboss Workout: Shoulders

When the mornings are short, the coffee better be strong & the #girlboss better get creative. In fifteen minutes this morning I was able to get a great shoulder workout in, sip some coffee in the comfort of my own home and slip a shower somewhere in there while getting ready to head to work. … Continue reading #Girlboss Workout: Shoulders

#GirlBoss Workout : Sculpted Shoulders.

Day 18 #feelingit Strong. (Remember to tag your Instagram photos with #feelingit to share how your feeling it this month, I love being inspired by others!) Does anyone else admire strong, shapely, sculpted arms as much as I do? #Girlboss, those arms can be yours! There's no better feeling than tossing and lifting heavy boxes … Continue reading #GirlBoss Workout : Sculpted Shoulders.

The #GirlBoss Workout Part 2

Day 11 #feelingit. Bossy. In the best of ways. & that's because I'm accomplishing major goals, delegating important tasks & remembering to schedule in time for me. In that scheduled "me-time", I did THESE four moves to clear my head & get a great sweat- all at work. Bossy Spider Woman: beginning in a plank … Continue reading The #GirlBoss Workout Part 2

The #GirlBoss workout

The term #GirlBoss has become the working girls mantra. Trust me, I'm living it. Prior to breaking free & jumping into my own business, I worked in Corporate Wellness & spent the better half of my days in a fitness center, running classes, talking fitness, leading workshops & blessed with gym equipment at my disposal … Continue reading The #GirlBoss workout