HYE turns six.

February 29th, 2012 Harness Your Energy was created by moi. You can read my first post here .... This means that HYE turns SIX this year! For many of you, this literally means nothing, because you've never found my  piece of turf on the world wide web until now. For my 108 subscribers that I've built … Continue reading HYE turns six.

The Ultimate Fitness Plan To Working Off Your Holiday Feast.

The holidays are here! The season of get-togethers' is upon us and before you let time (& your waistline) get away from you, implement these five little tweaks into your busy holiday schedule to work off that holiday feast! Wake up and move. Late nights and one too many cups of egg-nog may make this … Continue reading The Ultimate Fitness Plan To Working Off Your Holiday Feast.

Go Green Or Go Home: Onto Day 3…

Let the final day begin. Yesterday, as I mentioned, I felt so much better than Day 1. I was able to head to the gym, finish some errands, enjoy the Lake Oswego sunshine on a gorgeous Saturday walk and finish a great read (Before Me & You).  So far during this cleanse, I haven't had … Continue reading Go Green Or Go Home: Onto Day 3…

Go Green or Go Home : Part Dos.

Day 1 is in the books & it's the beginning of Day 2. Yesterday was definitely not a typical day for me. Yesterday involved me doing absolutely NOTHING. I was down for the count with a terrible head cold, which made reaching across the bed for some thirst quenching liquids extremely easy & about all … Continue reading Go Green or Go Home : Part Dos.

Go Green Or Go Home

Yay! Day 1 is here and being the health nerd I am, I have been looking forward to starting this cleanse since Monday when I made the decision to start. The decision seemed to evolve over the last several months as I began adding more juices and veggies into my daily meals. I found the … Continue reading Go Green Or Go Home

#Friday Favorites: Week 5

Friday is by far my Favorite Day and it wouldn't quite be my favorite without celebrating my Favorite Friday-y things & sharing them with your fabulous self. 1. The best way to enjoy a Friday morning? My Favorite Post-Workout Smoothie: 1 Banana 8 small dates Handful of spinach Handful of mint Chocolate Almond Milk Splash … Continue reading #Friday Favorites: Week 5