HYE turns six.

February 29th, 2012 Harness Your Energy was created by moi. You can read my first post here .... This means that HYE turns SIX this year! For many of you, this literally means nothing, because you've never found my  piece of turf on the world wide web until now. For my 108 subscribers that I've built … Continue reading HYE turns six.

Epic Fail #SelfMagazine.

  The above woman is beyond inspiring & let me tell you why: Her name is Monika Allen & she finished the L.A. Marathon amidst chemotherapy treatment for brain cancer. As if the feat of a full marathon itself isn't a big enough challenge! If that fact alone doesn't leave you feeling inspired, consider the … Continue reading Epic Fail #SelfMagazine.

Oh Happy Day.

Oh Happy Day. Literally. Did anyone else know that today is International Day of Happiness (officially sanctioned by the U.N.). The fact that happiness is being recognized as a fundamental human goal in a society that is crippled with social, economic and environmental woes inspires me to believe that there is a paradigm shift on … Continue reading Oh Happy Day.


My new favorite word? Mezamashii. I am beyond enamored with the word & it's meaning. The word is part of Mizuno's campaign What If Everybody Ran. It's meaning? Japanese for Brilliant. Why do I run? A few short sentences can't convey the feelings a GREAT (or not so great) run can evoke. With each breath, … Continue reading Mezamashii