HYE turns six.

February 29th, 2012 Harness Your Energy was created by moi. You can read my first post here .... This means that HYE turns SIX this year! For many of you, this literally means nothing, because you've never found my  piece of turf on the world wide web until now. For my 108 subscribers that I've built … Continue reading HYE turns six.

The #SorelLife.

    With a weekend full of heavy doses of exploration, I couldn't wait to lace up my new Sorel boots that recently arrived! I chose the Sorel Tivoli II Women's waterproof boot because A) It's ADORABLE and B) waterproof! Prior to my epic afternoon of outdoor hiking, running and spontaneous ice-skating adventure, I was … Continue reading The #SorelLife.

Volume 3: I Wore My Yoga Pants To…. Tuesday

    Oh Tuesdays how I love you & yoga pants. This week I wore my beloved yoga pants to.... a celebratory birthday dinner. That's right these multi-functional Full-on Luxtreme Fabric Wunder Under crops provided the perfect pairing with my oversized  long sleeve, open front, cascading sweater. Who says you can't wear yoga pants with … Continue reading Volume 3: I Wore My Yoga Pants To…. Tuesday

Volume 2: I Wore My Yoga Pants To…Tuesday

  & On Tuesday's we wear Yoga Pants.. Who am I kidding the relationship I have with yoga pants is a relationship of a constant companionship & is not solely reserved for Tuesdays. You must check out this article if you don't believe me- 19 FABULOUS reasons that yoga pants are the single most multifunctional piece … Continue reading Volume 2: I Wore My Yoga Pants To…Tuesday

#Friday Favorites Week 3

    If you aren't currently working out with a partner- I seriously suggest finding one & trying out my #FFavorites 3-piece circuit! (Link up with the gorgeous Heather over at Housewife Glamour for Friday Favorites) This circuit targets your back, rear delts (shoulders) and core.  I've been completing a strength circuit built like this … Continue reading #Friday Favorites Week 3