The intention behind Harness Your Energy.

We are all responsible for the energy we bring into this life – so why not make it great! For others to believe in our potential we have to believe it ourselves first. Investing our energy in this one body we’ve been given should be our number one priority, without it what do we have?

Each day is filled with new potential and new energy. We spend far too much of our energy in negative ways- battling our alarm clock, forcing down processed foods, racing from one meeting to another, putting down others around us…. I challenge you to change this habit -it starts with one simple verb. Exercise.

Harnessing your energy is about moving. Exercise. Physical activity. Terms seen too little in our current society. Your body on exercise has the potential to do great things. Mind & body are connected and I believe the first step to a healthy mind is a healthy body. Exercise is the crucial bridge between the two. Harness your energy is a space to cultivate both. Find workouts from a certified personal trainer, knowledge from a ACSM-health fitness specialist and advice from a girl who lives and breathes fitness.

You’re alive. You have infinite potential. What’s the point of being alive if you don’t Harness Your Energy for something remarkable.



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