(Attempt at) Bell Creek Loop.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHYxZqiVe-E After several weeks of non-hiking adventures, Portland seemed to smile upon me and grant me a 48 degree rain-free forecast. My hiking boots were calling my name after hearing "no showers. These boots are the ones I learned I had to have after several hikes (longer than 10 miles) in tennis shoes. Don't get … Continue reading (Attempt at) Bell Creek Loop.


Fully Charge(Ed) HR.

I have the greatest boyfriend (adventure partner) ever. He totally gets that the way to my heart is obviously through anything active. So yesterday was a total surprise as A) I got a package!! (The old postal service probably loves me, and I them, because there's nothing better than giving/receiving old fashioned mail...is being someone's … Continue reading Fully Charge(Ed) HR.