All We Need.

Now that the Valentine's Day spit up has ended across all social media channels, I'd like to bring it up again-in a non-cheesy, real-life conversation. After yesterday, I realized how un-important a single day dedicated to making someone prove their love to you, or you to them truly is. As I've navigated through life in … Continue reading All We Need.

Day 3 #feelingit : Positive

"Woke up an optimist, the sun was shining I'm positive." That Kanye was on to something- I'm #feelingit this morning. Catching the sunrise this morning I felt so positive. In several ways. I felt optimistic as I drank my morning coffee than headed to the patio for some soul-satisfying yoga. Just ten minutes outdoors with … Continue reading Day 3 #feelingit : Positive


Help me pursue my Bucket List. Fitness has not only brought me the gift of self-acceptance but it has expanded my definition of "fitness" and "health" to include more than simply how much I can bench press or the amount of pull-ups I can complete (although those are motivational too!) Fitness has allowed me the … Continue reading #EpicBucketList.

Monday Mantra: Cultivating Happiness.

It's important to remember that challenges are what changes us and the tough moments in life are where we are handed the most personal growth. With challenges comes heartache and feelings of uneasiness, loneliness and an intense longing for happiness. Well guess what? Happiness can still be found, even in the darkest of places. It … Continue reading Monday Mantra: Cultivating Happiness.