HYE turns six.

February 29th, 2012 Harness Your Energy was created by moi. You can read my first post here .... This means that HYE turns SIX this year! For many of you, this literally means nothing, because you've never found my  piece of turf on the world wide web until now. For my 108 subscribers that I've built … Continue reading HYE turns six.

All We Need.

Now that the Valentine's Day spit up has ended across all social media channels, I'd like to bring it up again-in a non-cheesy, real-life conversation. After yesterday, I realized how un-important a single day dedicated to making someone prove their love to you, or you to them truly is. As I've navigated through life in … Continue reading All We Need.

The Daily Process.

The other evening, I left my business feeling utterly defeated. Have you ever had one of those evenings- where you question if what you're doing is correct? I have very extremely high expectations and standards of how I believe things should be and when the result isn't exactly as I picture it, I freak out. … Continue reading The Daily Process.

After All.

In in my green adventuring land, I've found more time for self-reflection & a deep down, all the way to my toes, sense of gratefulness. "Do you remember the things you were worrying about a year ago? How did they work out? Didn't you waste a lot of fruitless energy on account of most of … Continue reading After All.

Turn Criticism Into Motivation.

http://youtu.be/SuAmRbj2r84 Let me introduce you to two of my very favorite people and the two people who made the above happen... They go by the name Team Krush (Krypto & Khaos) - I promise I am not making this up. There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss these two and seeing … Continue reading Turn Criticism Into Motivation.

Flipping Perspectives.

Day 14 #feelingit: Confident. This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I woke up with a deep frustration and a genuine annoyance toward the morning. I should preface this with the fact that I'm the biggest lover of mornings you'll ever meet. I pop out of bed the moment the … Continue reading Flipping Perspectives.