LP 2016: Climb Your Mountain.

  Start before you are ready. If that little inner voice inside you keeps directing you towards a goal, listen. Don't start calculating or debating. Don't let the doubt, fear, or anxiety creep in. Forget the details. Forget all the reasons why you can't. Just act. Too often we feel that fire in our bellies, … Continue reading LP 2016: Climb Your Mountain.


Kind of Like The Sunshine.

http://youtu.be/Y1nptbhrR5o "Not only did I love her, but I could tell the universe loved her, too. More than others. She was different. After all; I would be a fool not to notice the way the sunshine played with her hair." -Christopher Poindexter Every single one of us have the ability to offer this world something … Continue reading Kind of Like The Sunshine.

Fly On Pretty.

The afternoon glorious-ness was made exponentially more glorious by the crushing of a run through nature. I threw off my headphones, cares (& sweater) & hit the trail for a four mile run. #girlboss, if you do one thing this Wednesday, find a few moments to get outside and sweat. As I hit the trail, … Continue reading Fly On Pretty.

The Power of Persistence.

"The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed."- Chinese Proverb. Day 15: #feelingit Persistent. When I'm not busy putting together the new business, keeping up my training schedule at the gym, adventuring outdoors in my new neighborhood, I'm a super big book nerd. I'm willing to spill a big … Continue reading The Power of Persistence.

Flipping Perspectives.

Day 14 #feelingit: Confident. This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I woke up with a deep frustration and a genuine annoyance toward the morning. I should preface this with the fact that I'm the biggest lover of mornings you'll ever meet. I pop out of bed the moment the … Continue reading Flipping Perspectives.