HYE turns six.

February 29th, 2012 Harness Your Energy was created by moi. You can read my first post here .... This means that HYE turns SIX this year! For many of you, this literally means nothing, because you've never found my  piece of turf on the world wide web until now. For my 108 subscribers that I've built … Continue reading HYE turns six.

No More “Pack-Ache” : 5 Exercises to Stifle Back Trouble While On the Trail.

Prior to becoming a regular on the trails, the first several hikes left me a dull ache in my middle and lower back. Trudging several miles with what felt like a pile of bricks on my back became like an annoying sister you can't get rid of. I needed it to carry the essentials for … Continue reading No More “Pack-Ache” : 5 Exercises to Stifle Back Trouble While On the Trail.

Turn Criticism Into Motivation.

http://youtu.be/SuAmRbj2r84 Let me introduce you to two of my very favorite people and the two people who made the above happen... They go by the name Team Krush (Krypto & Khaos) - I promise I am not making this up. There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss these two and seeing … Continue reading Turn Criticism Into Motivation.


Day 5 of the #Feelingit March Challenge & I must say I've been feeling very productive (which also happens to be one of my Desire Map "desired feelings).. That's because I came up with the #45secondsworkout for in between suspense filled commercial breaks where Olivia Pope shows us she's nobody's "baby b*#%<" (quite possibly my favorite … Continue reading #45SecondsWorkout

A Booty Shaking Good Time.

Oh Mondays how I love you. & I love you even more when I have the whole day off & get to do anything my little ♥ desires.  & yesterday, my little ♥ desired to work my buns off (literally) so I took these two cheeks to Barre Cda. I've taken several "Barre" classes at … Continue reading A Booty Shaking Good Time.