Year of the Bourtney.

2016 has cracked my heart open in a tragically, magical way. I’m convinced the universe works in oxymorons. I’ve felt heartache that has shattered my heart, but found that if I bury that sadness under my skin instead of letting … Continue reading Year of the Bourtney.

Simple Tricks for Post-Hike Body Bliss.

At the end of a long day of adventuring, it’s easy to throw down the pack and head straight for a long night’s sleep- only to wake up the next morning, aching and stiff all over. You can make grand adventures without the achy body and extreme stiffness. Take care of your adventuring body with these four simple trick for post-hike body bliss. Eat up. The perfect post-hike meal combines protein (help muscles recover) and carbohydrates (which help replenish energy stores). Choose foods like a tuna-fish sandwich or chicken over rice that combine both sources of marco-nutrients for an easy … Continue reading Simple Tricks for Post-Hike Body Bliss.

Hiking: Eagle Creek Loop

Recently (in the last six months) I have become a Portland, Oregon resident. A side effect of this move has been my extreme need for adventures, a deep love for the Pacific Northwest and a deep shame that Yes, Socality Barbie, probably makes direct fun of myself on Instagram. Just to clarify, if you’re an avid backpacker. you may want to quit reading now.I will probably drive you mad. I don’t do enough research on hikes, I travel completely unprepared and seriously lack the right hiking gear. I learn lessons on every hike and carry them (no pun intended) into … Continue reading Hiking: Eagle Creek Loop